Ernakulam – a commercial city blessed with magical beauty

How often do you come across a city that is a classical blend of urban grandeur and enchanting natural beauty? Also, how often do you find a locale that reflects both the grace of modernity and the charm of the olden times? Well, no matter how often, but you surely wouldn’t have come across a city like Ernakulam, if you haven’t visited yet.

One one side you see traditional boat jetties from where ferries transport people to nearby islands and on the other you see one of India’s most advanced metro systems meandering through the heart of the city. On one side you find the city charm of the marine drive, on the other you meet with the yesterdays at Fort Kochi. And then, on one side you find old market places and on the other you find some of the finest shopping malls in Kerala. That is what Ernakulam is – a city that never lets you guess what it is like. The faces keep changing, so do the moods. 

Ernakulam is the name used to address the Central Business District that is a part of the city of Kochi and has lent its name to the Ernakulam district. Ernakulam is widely considered as the commercial capital of Kerala owing to the large number of business activities that occur in and around the city. Ernakulam is home to some of the state’s biggest commercial ventures including many big and small industrial establishments. However, Ernakulam district has much more in offer for an ardent traveller. Hill ranges, backwaters, beaches, forests, monuments, history, cuisine, art, architecture – you will find that the district is abundantly blessed with everything you long for, once you dive deep in to the heart of this destination. 

So pack your bags; and catch a flight to land in Kochi. Ernakulam welcomes you!

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